What's Fresh October 20, 2018

Here are some highlights of farm fresh items for October 20th

TreeFolk: Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, Oyster Mushrooms, Bok Choi, Romaine Lettuce Heads, Salad mix, Beets, Radishes, Tomatoes, Pea Shoots, Sunnies, Sweet Peppers

Babylove's Farm: pickled okra, greens, roots

Crazy Feather's Farm: Non-GMO soy free Pastured chicken - whole, legs, thighs, breast, backs,feet and liver.  Pork - Bacon, Boston but, all different types of sausages with no MSG or additives made with organic seasonings,Smoked ham hocks, Pork chops,Seven pepper and pepperoni sticks,pork fat, pork bones. Farm fresh non-GMO soy free grass fed chicken eggs .

Tierra Verde Farm: pasture-raised lamb, pastured chicken and duck eggs

BreadBreaker's BakeryFresh Baked Breads & Granola Bars, Grass Fed & Finished Beef

Oliver's Gardens: lots of microgreens, greens, herbs and jams.

Wolf Creek Farm: Smoky Cayenne Pepper Sauce, Smoky Jalapeño Pepper Sauce, Smoky Habanero Pepper Sauce, Smoked Red Jalapeños , Peach Preserves, Elderberry Jam, Red Jalapeño Jelly, Chow Chow

iRelish/Reeves Bees: Local Honey

Pure Country Products/Cheese by Elizabeth: aged cheeses

Also at Market:

Green Valley Gardens, Misty Moon Farm ,

Featured Vendor


Featured Vendors of the Denton Community Market receive increased vendor information and social media shared so the Denton community can learn about their friends and neighbors selling locally produced and handmade items at the Market. Supporting local, shopping from your neighbors, and getting to know your farmers are important to the Denton Community Market.

Photos by Darya Servatyuk

What's Happening!

October 27th

Spooky Market

~ SPOOKY Market Scavenger Hunt for Kids!
~ Zombie Veggie Coloring Pages
~ Cornhole/bean bag toss
~ Trick or treating at booths
~ Vendor booth decoration contest!
~ A pet costume contest, more details to come!

What's New

Certified Farmer Program




go texan logo

In addition to the Go Texan State Certification, we are pleased to announce our own Denton Community Market Certified Farmer program starting this year in 2018.  Each farmer will have the new medallion posted at their booth that represents the following:

  1. The agricultural products are local and were produced within 100 miles of Denton.
  2. The farmer produces everything sold at the booth each Saturday. No resale is allowed.
  3. The DCM staff visited the farm and saw evidence of sustainable farming practices, including chemical-free and and/or natural methods as well as humane treatment of farm animals.
  4. In summary, visitors are getting farm products directly from the farmer. You are directly supporting small, local farms with your purchases.