What's Fresh April 14, 2018

Here are some highlights of fresh farms items for Opening Day Part 2: The ReDo:

5G Farms: salad mix, collard greens, garlic, spring onions, mint, thyme, sage, tarragon, basil, oregano, chives, eggs, jellies: peach, plum, fig, watermelon, Mountain dew, jalapeno, Pepper sauce, Cajun pickled quail eggs, pickled green beans, syrup: Shagbark hickory, pecan and mapel, pancake mix
Tierra Verde Farm: eggs
Oliver’s Gardens: Chard and Lettuce
Jubilee Farm: romaine and butter head lettuce, radish, and cilantro
Crazy Feathers Farm: Fresh batch of Non-GMO, Soy Free, grass fed whole Chickens, Breast, Thighs, Drumsticks, Wings, Hearts & Livers.


Featured Vendor

Carol Long, of Solasta Stained Glass, creates beautiful stained glass in her Denton, Texas studio. This is Carol’s third year with the market and she says, “I love experiencing the Denton community in this way, and I love being a part of the market community.” Carol spends 50+ hours a week dedicated to her craft and loves the atmosphere at the market and loves doing business in her own town.

"I can look at the most random thing and think to myself, ‘That needs to be a piece of stained glass.’ Plants, animals, insects, sea creatures, the moon, the sun, planets, crystals, mountains, bodies of water, sacred symbols, and geometric patterns are some of my favorites. Customers have brought me some great ideas, too.”

“Making a piece of stained glass involves many steps, and I love every one of them. Choosing the glass types and the colors is super fun.  Of course, there's nothing like seeing the finished product. It's amazing how much light, color, and beauty even a small piece of stained glass brings to a room. Something happens and the whole energy is different: more alive and vibrant, and at the same time more peaceful.”

Solasta means “luminous,” or “shining.” That’s why she chose it for the name of her business. It makes her heart happy to know that her work brings a little bit of that to the world.

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Photos by Darya Servatyuk.

What's New

The Denton Community Market (DCM) is a Certified Farmers Market by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Our farmers are from Texas, and by DCM standards, are located within 100 miles of Denton.

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In addition to the State Certification, we are pleased to announce our own Denton Community Market Certified Farmer program starting this year in 2018.  Each farmer will have the new medallion posted at their booth that represents the following:

  1. The agricultural products are local and were produced within 100 miles of Denton.
  2. The farmer produces everything sold at the booth each Saturday. No resale is allowed.
  3. The DCM staff visited the farm and saw evidence of sustainable farming practices, including chemical-free and and/or natural methods as well as humane treatment of farm animals.
  4. In summary, visitors are getting farm products directly from the farmer. You are directly supporting small, local farms with your purchases.