Vendor Coordinator Position Open


Vendor Coordinator
For the Denton Community Market
Hiring September 1st, 2016
$15 – $17 hourly year-round
20 hours per week

Job Brief
The Denton Community Market organization is comprised of a management team as well as over 150 vendors who have joined the market as members. The Vendor Coordinator is responsible for managing vendor memberships, market promotion, and market days. Managing the market days includes creating a weekly market layout/map, addressing vendor needs, and planning/overseeing non-vendor activities at the market.

Vendor Management. The Vendor Coordinator negotiates vendor agreements, recruits new vendors, manages vendor payments and identifies and plans for vendor needs. Additionally, the coordinator communicates regularly with vendors, resolves conflicting needs, and balances competing demands. Skills required: excellent communication and interpersonal skills, along with use of Google Forms, Google Spreadsheets, and Square Online.

Community Partnerships. The Vendor Coordinator plans and manages market day activities and engages community partners to provide services on market days. For example, the Vendor Coordinator plans and oversees children’s activities, performers, pet district activities, yoga, tai-chi, etc. as well as outreach to new groups and organizations.

Marketing. The Vendor Coordinator takes the lead in marketing and promoting the market. Skills required include various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) as well as design software such as Microsoft Publisher and fundraising platforms such as Eventbrite.

Market Layout. For any given market day, typically 70-100 vendors choose to participate. In the days preceding each weekly market, it is the Vendor Coordinator’s responsibility to determine the location/placement of the participating vendors, using Microsoft Publisher.

Grant Tasks. The Vendor Coordinator works with other staff to write grant proposals and manage grant contracts, which requires planning and tracking completion of goals and objectives.

• Commitment of every Saturday 7:00 am – 3:00 pm April – November, 2017
• Must be able to lift 40-50 lbs, i.e. be able to set up market tent and other items.
• Must be able to tolerate all weather conditions including heat, cold, and rain
• Appreciation of local products, makers, and small business development
• Love for and familiarity with Denton, Texas

Please send cover letter and resume to