Wolf Creek Farm

Wolf Creek Farm was created in 1988, the year Texas began it’s organic program. We got in on the first year, back when it was free to be certified if you were willing to spend the time filling out the extensive application. Wolf Creek is a Lake Ray Roberts spring and runs just behind our 5 acres. The first 10 years we sold strictly wholesale and sold not only to the Cupboard since then but 3 of the Whole Foods stores in the metroplex. Then Willow Bend Coop organizer, Shari Withey, talked us into selling at our first farmers market she started on the Denton Courthouse lawn. Being an organic market, it was before its time and with not enough organic farmers in the area, it ended after 5 beautiful years. We have sold at several markets since but now strictly at the Denton Community Market and love it there. Texas Department of Agriculture began charging for certification after Jim Hightower left office and went up each year until we decided it was too expensive for us and dropped it after 24 years. We haven’t changed the way we farm and are proud to continue to offer safe food to the public as well as our own family. 

We grow a wide variety of vegetables including greens, onions, potatoes, garlic, squash, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, melons, pears and apples, somewhat in that order. We start many of our own transplants in our greenhouse and use organic seeds whenever available. Using our commercial kitchen on farm, we now sell canned goods using our own produce and hope to get our kitchen certified in the near future.  Farming without chemicals is challenging yet rewarding and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Please stop by and see us at Denton Community Market and check out our Facebook page. 

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Wolf Creek Farm - Denton Community Market Farmer