Victory Gardens

Victory Gardens is located inside of Denton City Limits. Victory Gardens sells greens and plants for your garden specializing in perennials. They make my own soil rich in humus from leaves, wood and worm castings. Everything is one hundred percent natural. If you have any questions about growing the best plants for your environment I’m here to help you.

Our goal is to produce more fruits and vegetables and expand every year so that one day we can become full time farmers. What started off as a 64 square foot back yard garden 5 years ago has expanded to our front yard and now totals around 1200 square feet. I recently got permission to grow in the back yard of another home located in Corinth less than 20 minutes away from Victory Gardens. We plan to expand at least another 160 square feet at this new location this winter by practicing the best organic methods we have learned at Victory Gardens

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