Kati Trice

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Kati Trice first developed her vision for the Denton Community Market in 2008 during a small group program called What’s Your Tree. Through group discussion and readings regarding purpose and action, Kati articulated her desire to create the Denton Community Market as a place for local producers to sell directly to local residents and to establish a gathering place to facilitate connection between community members. In 2010, at the age of 25, Kati, and a team of volunteers, launched Market Opening Day in downtown Denton, Texas. 

In 2015 Kati was awarded Public Citizen of the Year by the Texoma Branch of the National Association of Social Workers for her work as Founder of the Denton Community Market.

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Kati has a background in group facilitation and nonprofit leadership. She has facilitated small groups on the topics of local food, simple living and environmental conservation. In 2009, Kati served as a founding member of the Querencia Community Bike Shop, a local nonprofit bike shop, and has led classes on bike safety and organized monthly group bike rides. 

Kati is passionate about the local food movement, buying local, vintage trailers, amateur photography, interior design, bicycling, traveling and simple living.  As of July 2016, Kati is no longer with the Denton Community Market.


Kati Trice - DCM President