Denton Community Market Board of Directors’ Response to the DRC Article, September 18, 2019

Dear Denton Community,

We are sure many of you have seen the Sept. 18th article in the Denton Record-Chronicle on Vicki’s leaving the market. The members of the board of directors want to address three issues raised in the article.

First, the article suggested that there was some question as to whether the market has the financial standing to continue into next year. We would like to reiterate what was stated at the recent vendor meeting: The board of directors believes we have the financial resources to begin planning for the 2020 season and we fully intend to have our 11th opening day next April.

Second, the board of directors is well informed as to the financial status of the Denton Community Market. We hold quarterly board meetings and at each meeting we spend 1-1.5 hours reviewing a complete and updated set of financial statements, including an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow projection with our bookkeeper. Consequently any notion that present or past board members were not provided complete and detailed financial information is categorically inaccurate. Each spring the Board approves the budget for the upcoming season and, to date, each approved budget has been unanimously supported by the directors. In addition, our CPA reviews our financial information each year before we file the market’s tax return. Finally, we have shared information on the financial status of the market at recent vendor meetings.

Finally, a quote in the article states Vicki has been paid for holding both the executive director position and the president of the board position. This is incorrect; there is no compensation for being president of the board. Furthermore, Vicki has never voted on any board matter that affected her compensation or other terms of her employment.

We look forward to a successful 2020 season and working with the Denton community.

Denton Community Market Board of Directors

James Combs
Sarah Hendel
Caro Kauffman
Bryan Kelly
Darien Orr
Jeffrey Rous
Fran Witte