DCM Response to COVID-19 Concerns

The Denton Community Market is monitoring the Coronavirus/COVID-19 situation closely, as are all local businesses, schools, and governments. We are hoping for the best and are preparing as normal for an April 4th Opening Day until we absolutely know we cannot. As the weeks go on, we will all have much more clarity about how the situation is unfolding domestically and internationally. We will make the necessary decisions to protect the health of our community, which is paramount.

We encourage those in the community and our vendors to follow common-sense health practices such as hand washing, coughing into elbows, not shaking hands, and staying home if you have any symptoms. We are monitoring guidance from the Denton County Health Department. There are a number of resources available to raise awareness about how to best avoid contracting COVID-19 from the CDC and WHO.  You can also visit the City of Denton’s website for the latest local information.

The DCM Board and Staff remain committed to the health and safety of our entire community. Thank you for your continued support.