Bonding Bites II in the Denton Record Chronicle

Dentonites love their pups! This year the Denton Community Market has worked to develop its Pet District, and has hosted a couple fundraising events that invite the community to bond with their canine companions.

In September, the Pizza Party for Pups & Pals at the Denton County Historical Park brought out lots of families, vendors, and live music to enjoy with their pups. There was homemade and delicious veggie or meat pizzas for people and pup-peroni pizzas for dogs, provided by Denton Community Market vendors: Susi’s Scrumptious Snacks, Down to Earth Bakery, and BreadBreaker’s Bakery. About 20 vendors attended the Sunday Market event to participate in the event and turn it into a mini-market.

In October, Bonding Bites II at East Side Bar brought together families, friends, and doggies to enjoy a farm-to-table meal together. A four-course meal for people was provided by Dorothy’s Kitchen Table, Denton’s community restaurant and sharing space that uses as much locally produced and sustainably grown food ingredients as possible. Numerous Denton farmers, bakers, and vendors donated food and decorations for the event. The doggies had a four-course meal provided Carla’s Canine Concoctions. A feature in the Denton Record Chronicle details this community event: Good dogs, good taste.

Dentonites sure know how to ‘raise the woof’ with their pups around town!