Rules & Requirements

  • The Denton Community Market is a producer-only market. A producer-only market is defined as a market in which all items sold/offered are grown/produced by the producer of the product.
  • The Denton Community Market is a local market. Only products created within a 100-mile radius of Denton are allowed for sale. *Limited exceptions granted on a case-by-case basis for agricultural products that are not available locally. See ‘Farmers & Growers’ section of the handbook for more info.
  • Resell of items is not allowed.
  • Distributor products like Scentsy, Origami Owl, It Works, etc. are not allowed. Hemp products and related items are not allowed.
  • Items with purchased elements must be “significantly transformed” from their original state to be eligible for sale at Market.
  • The Market does not allow the sale of firearms, ammunition, fireworks, or other hazardous items (determined on a case by case basis).
  • All vendors with taxable items must have a valid Texas Sales Tax ID number to participate in the Market.
  • Sales Tax ID numbers can be obtained online here.
  • For Vendor questions contact the Vendor Coordinator, Cary Reynolds:
  • There is something very special about this market. Maybe it’s the entrepreneurial spirit of the vendors like you or the openness of vendors to work together and support each other. There are many reasons to join our market, and we hope you will! Please reach out if you have any questions.


Ready to Become a Vendor?


Applications accepted throughout the season.


Thank you for your interest in applying to the Denton Community Market. Please take time to read all the guidelines and fill out the application completely.

Denton Community Market Applicants are required to read the 2020 Vendor Handbook found at All vendors must read the 2020 Vendor Handbook and sign all forms. By submitting this application you agree to the Denton Community Market rules, guidelines, and requirements stated in the 2020 Vendor Handbook.

Please take time to review the Vendor Handbook before preparing your Application. We are happy you are interested in joining our Market and want to learn about you and your products!

Local Business/Organizations: In addition to traditional vendors, the Denton Community Market accepts community groups, non-profits, and local businesses into the Market pending Application review. The Denton Community Market limits the number of local businesses and non-profit organizations at the Market. Community groups and local businesses that want to participate in the Denton Community Market are required to fill out this Vendor Application, pay the $25 Application Fee, and meet all Market guidelines for Vendors. Applications are reviewed and acceptance is determined on a case-by-case basis by Market staff. See Vendor Handbook for more information.

Applications Timeline: Applications are accepted throughout the market season. After October 15, 2020, new vendor applications will not be accepted into the regular Market season, but vendors may apply for the November Holiday Market with Special One Day Fee Requirements (see 2020 Vendor Handbook). The application review process may take 1-3 weeks during the market season.

Application Fee: All applicants are required to submit a $25 Application Fee along with their application. Pay online:

If you need any assistance regarding the application, please contact Market Vendor Coordinator -

The Market brings together the Denton community and gives us an opportunity to enjoy the unique experiences of our neighbors from around North Texas.